SnowDogg Plows

Gilco Service Center is now selling and installing

SnowDogg Plows!!!!         

Install dates are filling up fast. Contact us today for more information or to make an appointment.   315-658-9916.


Prices INCLUDE Installation-Pricing valid until 12/31/20- Ask us about a cash discount!

MD75… 7’5” Straight                                                        $4,600.00

VMD75…7’5” V- Blade                                                      $5,700.00

TE80… 8’   Straight                                                          $5,300.00

VXF85… 8’5” V-Blade   (Extreme Duty, Flared “V”)      $5,900.00

VXF95… 9’5” V-Blade                                                      $6,100.00


All Blades are Stainless Steel…